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 "The meaning of love" 
I am a: Male
Seeking a: Females
For: Marriage
Name: Jeff
Age: 34
City: Nanning
State/Province: Guangxi
Country: China
My relationship status: Single (never married)
My sexual orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Languages that I know: Cantonese
Ethnicity / Background: Asian
Education level: College
Body type: Average
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 120 lbs (54.5 kg)
Hair colour: Black
Hairstyle: Straight
Eye colour: Black
Eyewear: No eyewear
Colour of my skin: Yellowish brown
My nose: Big & straight
My ears: Standard
My teeth: Permanent 32
My hands & arms: Big & long
My feet & legs: Big & long
My health: I am healthy
Drinking habit: Never ever
Smoking habit: Light smoker
Six of my most important personality traits: Open-minded
Profile completeness (this info will not appear in public): All sentences begin with an uppercase letter
Time zone: (GMT + 08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi
My occupation: Interpreter
Monthly income (USD): Poor & proud
Have children: No children
Want children: Some day
My residential place: Live with parents
Will I relocate for the right person?: Yes
Dating range: within 10000 km (6250 miles) radius of where I live
My virginity status: It's a secret!
My religion: Not applicable
Rate yourself: I prefer not to rate myself
Pets that live with me: Other
My favourite types of music: Classical
Some of my interests are: Game playing
My favourite sports to watch are: Soccer
My favourite sports & activities to participate in are: Football
My favourite types of movies / TV programmes: Action
My favourite types of pets: Dogs
My favourite food / cuisine: Chinese
My favourite outing place / activity: Beach parties
About me:
The world is full of infinite attractions and charms, don`t be deceived and hoodwinked by all various of them, so does love.the eternal and unchangeable beauty always comes from the one who is being with you whenever you need and does anyting for you without any hesitancy. Do not try to chase the one which doesn`t belong to you. Please remember, choose the one who will love you with all his heart. To be loved is called true happiness. Sometimes, happiness has already been in your hand; cherish it and don`t let it run away. Once it runs away, it is not possible for you to turn back....
My partner
More about my partner:
I am expecting a totally new life and I want a relocation in other countries.I need someone who is interested in me to help me change my current life..if you have no the ability, I hope you can cherish your precious time and don't waste time on me.if you are interested in me and have that ability to help me,please contact me.I don't care the ages between us.thanks!

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