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Dating Safety
            Dating Safety

Caution: Having open access to network-based services implies some risk. In a community of diverse cultures and values, the can not protect individuals against the existence or receipt of material that may be offensive to them. Please choose carefully the information you post on and that you provide to other members. Your personal safety is in your own hands. We allow you to post your own email address, telephone number and other personal data on your public profile and we will not be held responsible if you receive harassing phone calls, emails, insults and/or threats from other members or outsiders. If you wish to be completely safe, we advise that you do not post your personal contact data in your profile. Please remember that is a very open environment and anyone can view our members’ profiles; even those who are not members of Although if you have no other means of communication other than a mailing address or a telephone number of a friend/neighbour and if you feel safe posting your telephone number, email address etc. in public, then as long as you agree with everything what is said in this Agreement, you may do whatever you please with your own data and your own safety. cannot and does not confirm that each Member or user is who he or she claims to be. Therefore, please be careful in dealing with other Members or users of our website.
Helpful Hints for Safe Online Dating

Online dating is much safer than offline (real life) dating. Safer in a physical sense. No one will beat you up or try to rape you while chatting in a chatroom or emailing each other. But in the offline dating world you must watch out for imposters (men acting as women or vice versa or someone short and overweight acting as someone tall and slim, - examples only) and dating online in an emotional sense is as complicated as a real life dating. Here are some hints on how to make your online dating experience a smooth and pleasant one:
-          You’re in control of your life and you can remain anonymous until you are ready to go on a live date. Don’t rush with relationship and especially with a marriage!
-          Advantage of online dating is in that that you can get to know each other before you meet. And if it sounds to good to be true – it probably is… but don’t lose your chance!
-          When you decide to meet him or her - tell a friend, parent or a relative where you are going and choose a public place for your first date. Makes sense to bring a friend with you or let your friend observe you from a slight distance.
-          Never include your personal contact information in your profile, especially your telephone numbers, your home address or your last name unless you’re really a brave person and wish to be contacted by other means than a confidential email. Please note that we provide you with a rare opportunity to post your full name, address, telephone, fax and other personal contact data in your profile that is visible to the public on the internet and we expect that you will use a common sense when deciding whether to post your personal contact information in your public profile or not.
-          Sign up for an email account that you will use solely for your online dating experiences and don’t necessarily put your real name in it’s name field when signing up for it.
-          Use a common sense and ask many questions. Make sure you feel comfortable with that person online before phoning (calling) or meeting them live.
-          Take your time and keep only the one(s) who allow you to take your time to know them better. Look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Though sometimes oddly behaving people are best lovers and very interesting personalities… like for instance: Pierre Richard (French Actor, Comedian) or Roberto Benigni (Italian Actor, Comedian).
-          Stay away from folks who ask you for money or who sound like sales people. Stop communicating with anyone who pressurizes you to disclose your personal information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it. That is, if you did not provide it already in your profile.
-          Report to us any suspicious activity and weird experiences (if you wish to do so).
-          Trust your instincts and use your own best judgment. There’s always a certain degree of risk involved in any kind of relationship, be it online or offline. As some folks say: “No risk - no champagne!” We do not encourage you to take any dangerous risks though. You may try to “kiss the bride/groom” before you two actually marry, - that’s a risk that you may decide is worth taking at times and a relatively safe one. Smile.
-          Talking about risks. If you are a female, avoid getting into a car of a man whom you just met unless you really trust your judgment and instinct.
-          Never fall in love by just meeting a person online. Meet them if you really feel good about them, date that person for a while and then ask yourself whether you love him or her or not (yet). Don’t become prematurely intimate with someone, even if that happens online. Don’t allow yourself to become a one-night-stand no matter whether you’re a girl or a guy.
-          Be informed and very aware about sexually transmitted diseases and always carry a condom or two, just in case, even if you date online! Smile.
-          If you are a happily married person – GO BACK TO YOUR SPOUSE! Watch out for the people who are trying to be overly discreet and who’s chat sessions end abruptly and who in general sound and appear like they are married.
-          Ask for a photo. Ask for several photos, recent ones. See if the person will go that extra step and take a recent photo of him or her self just for you. Watch out for folks who have a number of photos readily available to email, - those could be (or could be not!) people who date a lot or who date several people at a time.
-          When you feel comfortable enough with each other online (email, IM, chat) then phone (call) each other. Person’s voice can reveal a lot about that person and their social skills.
-          Watch for “red flags”: provides inconsistent information about themselves, refuses to speak on the phone or likes to talk during business hours only (could be married), does not answer questions clearly, has a significantly different appearance than their profile, does not want to introduce you to friends and relatives, first date is late at night in an unknown dark area, seems to be drunk or on drugs, is very secretive.
-          And finally – be honest to yourself and to your partner/date. Be sincere, be faithful, be as intelligent as you can be, be yourself.
Good Luck in Your Hunt for Love! If you’ve gone through (and settled within) a wonderful
romantic experience, found your missing half, got engaged or finally got married, - please don’t hesitate to share it with us. We will publish selected stories on our website.

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