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You must agree with the terms and conditions stated below in order to upload video files at Uploading video files to indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to reject any video at our discretion. videos will not be available for viewing until they are approved by Customer Care. Those who violate this agreement will be banned from using This agreement is subject to change at any time and was last modified on 28th of June 2008.

1. Only MPEG, ASF, WMV and AVI files allowed. Maximum video size - 1 MB (One Megabyte).

2. Do not upload other people's videos, only your own. Unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked material is not allowed. Stolen videos will be declined.

3. Please keep your video file size to a minimum. Do not upload a video if it is not necessary. Please remember that our free space is limited.

4. Please do not use an abusive language or gestures of any kind (i.e., vulgarity, racism) in your video (and profile).

5. Discussion or descriptions of illegal acts or behavior (i.e.: drug use, violence etc.) is strictly prohibited.

6. Business or political advertisements or solicitations are not allowed at

7. Any kind of adult material including, but not limited to sex acts, nudity, child pornography will be rejected. Your local authorities may be informed if you try to submit any kind of child porn to

8. Any kind of sexual or abusive language detected in your video will ban you from ever posting a video at again.

Use your judgement for anything that differs or does not fit these rules.

DISCLAIMER: By selecting the tick box "I Affirm...", you acknowledge the rules and regulations set forth in this document. You also waive any defense for your actions in the event you fail to comply with these rules, and appropriate action will be taken by the administrators.

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