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Missing Me? Photo Uploading Rules & Agreement

You must agree with the terms and conditions stated below in order to upload photos at's "Missing Me?" sector. Uploading files to indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to reject any photo at our discretion. photos will not be available for viewing until they are approved by Customer Care. Those who violate this agreement will be banned from using This agreement is subject to change at any time and was last modified on 28th of June 2008.

Please read the following photo uploading rules carefully before posting your photo(s) to "Missing Me?" @ If you fail to comply to any of the following requirements, your photo will be rejected.

1. Photo(s) must be of your lost, abducted or missing loved ones (children, pets, adults) with their face clearly visible! If others are in the photo, your lost ones must be clearly marked.

2. Photo(s) must be in either .jpg, .gif or .png format.

3. Photo(s) must be at least 120x90 pixels in size.

4. Photo(s) must not have any significantly wide white space or area around the photo.

5. Photo(s) must not contain any improper nudity, obscene gestures or adult contents by standards, laws and ethics of your country and USA.

6. Photo(s) over 300 pixels wide or over 500 pixels high will be automatically resized upon upload.

7. Photo(s) which appear to be or are believed to be stolen will be declined.

8. Please do not submit your photo(s) before completing the missing person or missing pet
ad. In other words - complete and place the ad first and then submit the photo(s) for the missing. Photo(s) without proper missing ad will be rejected.

Use your judgement for anything that differs or does not fit these rules.

DISCLAIMER: By selecting the tick box "I Affirm...", you acknowledge the rules and regulations set forth in this document. You also waive any defense for your actions in the event you fail to comply with these rules, and appropriate action will be taken by the administrators.

If you are unable to submit your photo to your online profile by yourself - you are welcome to send it to us by mail (don't forget to indicate your profile name, username etc. so we could identify to which profile your photo belongs) to:
P.O.Box 331
North, SC 29112

NOTICE: your photo(s) will not be returned to you unless you enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage on it or cash/cheque with appropriate amount sufficient enough for us to buy an envelope to return your photo(s) to you. We are not responsible for any photos lost in the mail. Your valuable photos can be sent back to you via Registered Mail at an extra cost of 15 (fifteen) USA Dollars or 10 (ten) Euros or any equivalent in your country's currency in crisp & clean banknotes.

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