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Are you on the way to another city, or country, but have little to no money to share with your local bus or train station? Are you tired of those long and tiring hitch-hiking days and sometimes spending nights sleeping on the grass or on a bench? Or perhaps you own a car and all you need is a travel companion or someone to help you drive it? And even if you are hopelessly trying to make money by giving rides to folks who have got money, - we have a solution for you! While you are having your drink and a meal at an internet cafe or sitting comfortably at home or in the office, you can pre-arrange your ride by posting your ad in our Share-a-Ride community. Get yourself safe on the road and avoid those uncomfortable days and nights spent on the road while trying to catch a ride. Get yourself a ride or a ride-pal online before you step your feet or roll your wheels on the road. Be safe.

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