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2010-09-29 has been live and online for over 6 years now.

Launch of was launched in September 2004. Minor improvements are always on the way. At you can communicate via email, send kisses, post messages on a discussion board, use Single2 Messenger, chat, get & offer rides, use our WAP feature and more. You can also phone and send faxes and send mail to a post office box or a physical address (if such contact info is provided by a member). Post your ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM id, communicate and see when others are online on ICQ or AIM etc. You can do all of the above absolutely at no cost to you, totally free, no money involved.

Sounds to good to be true? In this case it sounds very good and it is true. No gimmicks, no catches, no small font, no hidden surprises.

As you may have already noticed, browsing on is very easy, - no need to sign-up in order to view profiles of all members. And you can post your own introductory video for free as well. This site is created with freedom in mind - freedom from obligations (no need to register to browse, search or even to email), freedom from inconveniences.

We welcome everyone, all people from all nations, poor and rich, middle class and scientists, friends and relatives. is created with the international community in mind. We welcome all honest and educated North and South Americans, Europeans, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Philippinos, Vanuatus, Australians, Indonesians, Mongolians, Russians, Kazakhs, Germans, Italians, English, Africans, Native People, Asians, Polynesians and many many other nations and people to join us here, completely free of any costs to you.

We are doing everything we can with our shoestring budget to prevent imposters and scammers from joining as members and from hanging around too much. What we do is, we manually screen every new joining member and approve only those members that we think are genuine. All others are deleted, some are banned by blocking their IP addresses. Due to enormous amounts of abuse, imposting and scams from most of West Africa and some other regions of the world, we have blocked entire countries from accessing our website. We have also blocked some satellite internet service providers IP addresses since too many scammers and imposters originate from those kind of sources. This is all done to protect you from hassle, imposters and scams. You will probably still get some, but we greatly diminish as much as we can any chances for the scammers and imposters from reaching you.

Also have you noticed our "member counter" on our Grand Foyer? It shows a true number of members (some of these members could have just joined or have their profiles hidden, - that is why the counter and the actual profiles number can differ slightly). Unlike many other dating sites we do not lie about how many actual members we have. is under promotion and more members will join in the future. Being a very open site (immediate browsing, no need to register to browse, search and send an email), is so much a part of the web as no other dating website.

Do you know that 80% of online dating and personals services send private emails from fake profiles to encourage you to subscribe for a paying membership on their website? Do you know that so many dating and personals sites claim to have millions of members, but they actually have much much less? Recently we have visited a dating website that claimed to be 100% free (we had to register to browse and then to pay to communicate!) and they claimed to have over 1 million members. We counted their members from all over the world and the number we came up was just barely several hundred profiles. We are and will be honest with you - you can see the real number of our members. Please note that you may get "spam" from other members or even from outsiders which we can not be in control of having such an open site. Please report such incidents to us if that bothers you, otherwise place them on "block" or simply delete that mail. There may be several fake profiles that we have overlooked, but we are working hard to eliminate as many fake profiles as possible. Upon your complaint we will close any account and will erase a profile of a member who violates our terms of use agreement and other policies and instructions posted on

HINT: Do you want to have your profile (appear) in the top 10 (usually #1) of Google's search results? Create a shiny profile, give it a unique username and google your profile's username in a few days or weeks after your profile gets approved. Example: . Where else can you get your profile on top of Google so quickly and cost free?

Welcome to join us now. It pays to sign up now, because you can get the best usernames by signing up early.

Yours truly, Team

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