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Important information on how to make your profile shine and how to get it approved.


TIP: Dating profile is like a resume - an excellent resume gets you an excellent job. An excellent dating profile gets you an excellent match.

It is important to read all of the Q&A (FAQ) on this page before you begin creating your profile at While we manually review every single newly submitted profile and occasionally make corrections if and where we see it necessary, we immediately delete those registrations and profiles that are incomplete, absurd or abusive.

Once you fail to complete your profile properly and you then submit it, approval of both your photo and your profile will be delayed or it may be deleted. Therefore, PLEASE, check everything thoroughly in your profile and read all of the Q&A on the following page before you save and submit your profile to us for approval. All undeleted incomplete profiles will be looked at a second time at the very end only after we approve all the perfectly written profiles. And please do not submit your photo(s) before your text profile shines. Your photo(s) will be rejected if your profile is incomplete in any way. In some cases we may edit small details manually for you, but don't count on it. Be smart, be intelligent and show your future loved one that you care, that you've spent a lot of time taking care of your profile by making your profile shine.

QUESTION: What must I do so that my profile is approved and shows live on the web?

Now here's what you should do next (after you have registered with your username and received your temporary password via email):

1. Go to
2. Login with your username and your temporary password (that the system has sent you).
3a. On the left menu find "My Home Page" button/link and click on it and then click on "My Account".
3b. Or click on "My Profile" and then on "Account Data".
4. Fill out all fields on that page and click "Submit".
5. Click on "About Me" and complete that form and submit (save) it.
6. Click on "More About Me" and complete/submit that form.
7. Do the same with "My Interests", "My Narratives" and "My Partner" and fill out as much as you can or wish to and save (submit) all the info.
8. To submit your photo to your profile click on "My Photos" and proceed on that page. DO NOT submit your photo(s) without completing your profile! Your photo(s) will be rejected!

IMPORTANT: You must completely fill out at least all of the first 6 (six) positions as per above, otherwise we will not approve your profile and it will not be showing live on the web.

QUESTION: What are profile ad placement rules to prevent rejection of my ad profile?

Capitalise proper nouns and the beginning of sentences only. Capitalise your Name's and City's first letter only. Submit your description once and in only one category. Do not post your contact information outside of dedicated area. Post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is you should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, repeated text, repeated letters (aaaaaa), to many dots (.......) etc. Similarly you should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. !!! and ???) in your profile, ad, topic titles, posts, forums, chat or anywhere else on Users consistently abusing this will be warned and may be banned or removed. Check your spelling - profile ads with many spelling and grammatic mistakes may not be accepted. And remember: we are a completely free service to you - if you don't have enough time and don't have enough interest in creating a proper profile that will get approved, then neither we ( are interested in having you here, neither your future partner will be interested in reading your profile that is not written from the depth of your heart. So if you are really ready to look for that special someone, then make your profile shine.

QUESTION: I think I have met all of your requirements and I have completed my profile and it is still unapproved after 48 hours or more. Why?

 We may have overlooked your profile (especially if you did not submit a photo along with your profile) and missed to approve it. Please accept our apologies and email us via our online contact form and we will urgently review your profile and will approve it if it meets the minimum criteria outlined in this website.

If your First Name or City does not begin from a Capital letter (Uppercase letter) then an approval of your profile will be delayed or even rejected. Therefore please always use the following rule:

Incorrect: name / city = john / london
Correct: Name / City = John / London

Also please note that we delete all incomplete profiles as early as 24 hours after registration.

More Q&A (FAQ) you can find under this link:

Yours sincerely,

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